Matrix client built with iced
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Retrix is a lightweight matrix client built with iced and matrix-rust-sdk.

The project is currently in early stages, and is decidedly not feature complete. Also note that both iced and matrix-sdk are somewhat unstable and under very rapid development, which means that there might be functionality that's broken or can't be implemented that I don't have direct influence over.


  • Rooms
    • List rooms
    • Join rooms
    • Explore public room list
    • Create room
  • Communities
  • Messages
    • Plain text
    • Formatted text (waiting on iced, markdown will be shown raw)
    • Stickers
    • Images (in unencrypted rooms)
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Location
  • E2E Encryption
    • Import key export
    • Receiving verification start
    • Receiving verification request (waiting on matrix-sdk)
  • Account settings
    • Device management
    • Change password
  • Profile settings
    • Display name
    • Avatar

Things I (currently) don't intend to implement

  • VoIP Calls


Retrix can be compiled with

cargo build --release

Be warned that retrix is very heavy to build due to the dependencies it uses. On the less powerful of my laptops, it takes on average 6 minutes to build in release mode.


You can put the compiled binary wherever binaries go. Retrix keeps its configuration and caching data in ~/.config/retrix on linux systems, and in %APPDATA%\retrix on windows systems. It will automatically create the needed folder if it does not exist.